Writing A Dissertation From Multiple Dissertation Ideas

As an academic student, you all know how exhausting and strenuous it is to write a dissertation. Writing a dissertation is not easy, especially when it has major credit in your coursework. Even a small mistake can badly affect your grade. Many students wonder how they can make their dissertation writing easy. Well, it is easier if you consider some important factors. The first one is to select a suitable topic from various dissertation ideas.

Students often think that topic selection is easier than writing a dissertation. However, that is not the case. Choosing a suitable topic is the most laborious and complex task. Your dissertation can be rejected if you do not select your topic wisely. Nevertheless, you can relax now. This article highlights important points you must consider choosing the best topic from multiple ideas.

Importance of selecting a suitable dissertation topic:

Choosing the right topic for a dissertation is necessary as it provides a base for your research. Your dissertation reflects the core knowledge you have attained during your studies. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing your topic. You must consider three factors while choosing your dissertation topic:

  • Appeal to stimulate your target audience’s response.
  • Relevance considering your target audience’s interests, norms, customs and expectations
  • Ability to conduct research based on acquired proficiency or natural aptitude

Steps to choose the best dissertation topic from multiple ideas:

Choosing a suitable topic for your dissertation helps you enhance your knowledge in that area. You learn the major issues that pertain to the topic and conduct extensive research on the topic. Therefore, finding the best dissertation topic is important as it projects your research career. Consider the following steps:

The topic should be unique:

Your dissertation topic must be new and unique. It will allow you to conduct thorough research and document your conclusion. Do not choose an already-beaten topic because your target audience is not interested in reading an already-known topic. Choose the topic considering your target audience and satisfy your readers with a unique, unsaturated research idea.

It must be from your area of interest:

When your topic is in your interested area, you can do it more efficiently as you are an expert in your field. You are familiar with all the areas, concepts and subjects it entails. When you have to write about what you are familiar with, you can make it sound very convincing and rhetorical to your audience. You can easily convey your message to your readers.

The topic must have future implications:

One major requirement you must fulfil when writing a dissertation is to provide future implications of your study. Make sure that the topic you choose to work on must-have applications in practical life. When your addressed topic benefits society, your target audience will more likely accept it.

The topic must be controversial:

Your chosen topic must be controversial and cover social, economic or scientific issues. Your topic must give rise to potential research questions you can use to write a strong and rhetorical problem statement. It will be plus point for your dissertation.

The topic should not be too broad:

Your topic should be specific and cover fewer aspects. It is important to narrow down your topic to specific aspects, as if you choose a broad topic, you will find difficulty in creating a proper dissertation proposal. You get confused about which direction to take your research as your topic is bulky and covers different aspects. This confusion will create difficulty for you in writing a dissertation.

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The topic should not be too narrow:

Your dissertation has a specific word count you need to complete. However, if you choose a topic that is too narrow and covers only one aspect, you will not be able to justify your word count. Therefore, you should cover more than one core concept in your study.

The topic should be clear and vivid:

The topic you choose for your dissertation must be complete and clearly explain the aims and objectives you wish to achieve through this study. It will be best if you are not ambiguous with your topic, as it will confuse your audience about what they should expect and leave them with unanswered queries if you are vague about your topic.

The topic should have all the relevant material available:

Make sure before you select the topic that there is all the relevant information available you need to justify your findings. If you select your before literature survey and find it afterwards that there is not much data available on it, then it will leave you in serious turmoil. You will not be able to back out and continue with that topic. Moreover, you will not be able to do well, as you do not have sufficient data to support your study.

Objectively analyse your topic:

Sometimes after choosing the topic, students become too blind to see any weakness it entails. But it would help if you avoided that. Critically analyse your topic to see if there are any cons associated with it and plan your study to cover those weaknesses.

Seek advice from your supervisor:

You can also seek advice from your supervisor. Your supervisor is more experienced in the field than you and can give you proper advice regarding your topic. However, even after all these steps, you can seek dissertation writing services at Affordable Dissertations if you still need to decide on your topic.

How to proceed with the selected topic for writing a dissertation?

After you have selected your topic, you should prepare yourself for writing a dissertation. You can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Brainstorm some important points you wish to address in your topic and make an outline of it.
  • Gather all the material before writing a dissertation
  • Follow the proper format of the dissertation, i.e.,
  1. Title page
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Table of content
  4. List of figures and tables
  5. Abstract
  6. Introduction
  7. Methodology
  8. Results
  9. Discussion and conclusion
  10. References
  11. Appendix (if any)
  • You should follow the proper format and style of in-text citations and bibliography.
  • Try to avoid plagiarising other authors’ work.
  • Make your dissertation free of any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Proofread your dissertation after completing it to identify any missing technical aspects.
  • Let your supervisor critically analyse your dissertation.


Your dissertation reflects your academic ability and majorly impacts your course grades. If you wish to stand out in your academic grade, you must be perfect with your dissertation. Writing a dissertation is a tedious and challenging task, and you must seek dissertation help online from a professional company like The Academic Papers UK. The major factor that decides the success and failure of your dissertation is a suitable topic selection from multiple ideas. You should select the topic while remembering your target audience. The steps above will help you choose the best dissertation topic.

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