Where You Can Stay While Studying Abroad

Many students keep the dream to study abroad to get international exposure or to find an opportunity to study at the world’s top university. A number of them become successful in getting admission to an overseas country. After getting enrolled, they need a place to stay there. There are a lot of options available for student accommodation today from which they can choose. Here, you will read about some of those options.

University Halls

University halls are managed by the universities themselves. These halls are usually available on university campuses. You may find some of the university halls in the nearby areas of universities also. In university halls, you can find different types of accommodation such as large flats, private bedrooms, dorms, etc.

Living in the university halls has some special benefits. If you are living on your campus then you can stay in touch with your faculty even when you are not attending your lectures. Moreover, you find the company of the other students of your university in your university hall.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) Complexes Developed by Private Developers

Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) complexes, developed by private developers are the private alternatives to university halls. In fact, many students prefer these complexes over university halls. In the university halls, students need to follow some protocols of the university but they are free up to large extent in the private accommodations.

There are different types of private accommodations available in these complexes. The most common types among them include:

#1. Ensuite Rooms

Ensuite rooms are rooms occupied by a single person. One person can stay in one ensuite room. These rooms comprise ensuite bathrooms. Such rooms are situated in a big house, where the residents have to use the shared kitchens and lounges. All residents can meet each other in these common spaces.

#2. Shared Rooms

Shared rooms accommodate two or more residents. These rooms comprise shared bathrooms. The other areas such as kitchens and lounges are also shared by all the residents.

#3. Studios

Studios are self-contained units, which come available with single-occupancy and double-occupancy features. It means that some studios are meant for one person whereas two individuals can stay in others. Studios comprise big spaces with beds, study areas, and open kitchen areas. Bathrooms are attached to studios.

#4. Apartments

There are also big apartments available in the student complexes in most cities, which host international students. These apartments comprise one or more bedrooms. One student may have a private bedroom. In some apartments, two students can share a bedroom. Bathrooms can be either ensuite or shared.

The areas like kitchens and lounges are shared by all the residents. So, residents can meet each other in these areas.

Private Rental Apartments

Private rental apartments are the other options for students, which are neither in university halls nor in private student complexes. These are the private apartments that students rent fully or partially. In purpose-built private accommodations also, students need to follow some rules but in the rental apartments, they can make their own rules.

Some of these apartments are cheaper than other types of accommodations whereas others may be more expensive as compared to them. So, if you find other types of accommodations expensive for you then you can go for the option of cheaper rental apartments.

Moreover, if the time of the beginning of your lectures is coming closer and you haven’t booked accommodation yet, you may find a shortage of purpose-built accommodations. In such a situation, you can search for private rental apartments.

Relative’s House

If some of your relatives live in the city where you are enrolled then you have the option to stay in their houses.

Your Friend’s Accommodation

If any of your friends are also enrolled in the same city in which you are enrolled then you have the option to live with him/her also. Some accommodation owners provide the facility to share the room, studio, or apartment with someone else at a later stage. 

If your friend is also living in any such residence, then you can choose to live with him/her also.

If your friend is living in a private rental apartment then you get more chances to stay with him/her.

Final Words

At the time of choosing accommodation for you, you should also check which amenities are available. In the complexes of accommodations, especially PBSA, you can find features like gyms, cinemas, games rooms, etc. In the units, you can find study desks & chairs, storage spaces, Wi-Fi internet connections, and more. You can choose accommodation according to your preferences. Similarly, you can check the prices also according to your budget.

You can check the details of accommodations to rent on many online platforms such as online accommodation service platforms.

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