What Is Steam Cleaning And How It Benefits The Industry

You have certainly heard of the steam cleaning process. This cleaning process that uses hot water vapor can apply to many things. Starting from home needs to clean furniture, for office needs to clean office carpets or in the industry to clean machine parts in factories.

The use that still often makes many people curious is the application of steam cleaning for industrial needs. Of course, there are various applications in this industry. Starting from automotive, food, machinery and even other heavy Industries can use this technique. If you want to know more about the application and other information about steam cleaning, let’s discuss it together here.

What Exactly Is Steam Cleaning?

As previously mentioned, steam cleaning uses hot steam to clean something. The high temperature and also the water produced can remove the stain more quickly. Using this steam certainly varies. If at home, steam can be produced from a tool such as a vacuum cleaner, but for engine cleaning on cars, a steam engine is usually equipped with a compressor with high pressure. Because of the many variations, you can certainly see how flexible the use of this steam cleaning method is.

Industrial Cleaning equipment ‌was certainly quite difficult, considering that coal fuel was still commonly used. So charcoal and carbon must easily form on the engine and can cause engine problems. To facilitate this cleaning, steam is also used.

Until now, steam is still used and even made more compact so that anyone can use it. But for industry, the use of steam cleaning is increasingly leaning towards Power. Hotter steam and also a stronger spray are the things that are prioritized in the industrial world.

Industrial Steam Cleaning Applications

Well, of course you already know that there are of course many industrial applications of steam depending on what industry uses it. To find out more in detail, let’s raise some examples of applications from the following industries:

Heavy Equipment Industry

In the heavy equipment industry, steam cleaning is used more as part of the maintenance process. Large and complex machines must of course be maintained so that production at the factory continues to run smoothly. But these machines will certainly be difficult if they have to be disassembled for cleaning. So to clean it, steam cleaning is used to clean the engine gaps.

Accumulated dirt, dust, oil and other things can be released from the engine due to high temperatures and steam pressure. Without having to disassemble the engine, the pressure from the engine and its high temperature will inevitably spread and push the dirt out of the engine.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, steam cleaning is used to sterilize equipment. If there is a contamination problem on the equipment, of course unwanted chemical reactions can occur. Some unwanted bacteria and materials can certainly be. Easily cleaned with high temperature steam. Because of this, in the chemical industry, steam cleaning is more concerned with high temperatures.

Food industry

Almost the same as the chemical industry, the food industry also uses steam cleaning to ensure that the equipment used is clean and free of bacteria. People certainly want to buy food products that are clean from contamination. So in maintaining the cleanliness of the equipment, steam cleaners are also used. Usually, the steam used here is not only of high temperature but is also mixed with special ingredients to neutralize harmful bacteria as well.

Industry Textile

In this industry, steam cleaning is more used in carpet, animal hair, leather, and similar factories. Cleaning in this way can ensure dust and dirt stick to the material. In this industry, cleaning is done in warehouses. You can imagine when old products are stored and have not been shipped, dirt will definitely accumulate on carpet products or other thick leather materials. But when it is sent, cleaning is certainly needed to remove dirt, kill bacteria and also remove odors.

Automotive Industry

When it comes to engines, no one is busier about this than the automotive industry. For car engine parts that need to be cleaned due to oil problems or carbon buildup due to combustion, the use of steam cleaning is very effective. These stubborn stains are usually cleaned with steam compressed under high pressure and high temperature.

This cleaning is also important when a car or motorbike needs to be painted. The surface of the vehicle’s body before being painted must be clean of all dirt. When cleaned with this technique, the dirt is removed and leaves a smooth, clean surface. Under these conditions, the results of the painting will certainly be smooth and perfect.

Things to Look For When Using Steam Cleaning

In industry, the use of steam for cleaning is arguably more dangerous than the use of ordinary cleaning. If in a home or office, a steam vacuum may not be too lethal, although it is still dangerous. But in industry, dealing with hot steam with high pressure certainly requires certain regulations. So because of this, the steam cleaning process in the industry has a special team and equipment that guarantees safety.

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