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What is an operating system and its various types?

Every smartphone, computer or any other electronic device is equipped with a specific program called OS. Operating systems, also called OS. OS is the main driver to ensure the functionality and utility of computers and smartphones. There are the types of operating systems that are based on the kind of device, its maker along with individual preferences when you work or plan to pursue a career in the field of technology and information, it is important to learn about these operating systems.

In this blog, we’ll look at the operating systems in use today, providing the reasons why they’re important and exploring the various types of operating system in use today.

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What is an Operating System?

The main program that starts loading on a computer after you switch the computer on is called operating system (OS). A system software is an operating system. The communication between the user and the computer occurs via operating systems. This blog post about ” what is operating system” aids users in understanding the different types of OS functions, features, and functions and the benefits and drawbacks of OS.

Windows, Linux, and Android are three of the operating systems that permit users to use applications such as MS Office, Notepad, and games on their smartphones or computer. It is essential to have at least the operating system installed on the computer in order to run applications which are simple like browsers. Take a free online course on operating systems in order to enhance your understanding of the basics.

Types of Operating System

Systems for batch operation

The operating system that runs the batch is not connected to any directly connected to the computer. It is unique by the way it breaks down the same tasks into batches, allowing for faster processing and faster response. This approach is suitable for tasks that take a long time and require a significant amount of time. To ensure that it does not cause any problems for the device, each user is able to plan their tasks offline prior to sending their task to the operator. Benefits of using the batch operations system include:

  • A lot of users can make use of batch systems to share.
  • There is a very limited amount of idle time in batch operating systems.
  • Nowadays, we can tackle enormous jobs.
  • It is simple to figure out the time the task will require to finish.
  • Multitasking, time-sharing and time-sharing operating systems

The OS that shares time is also referred to as multitasking OS is a system that allocates time to one job, and then switching between them frequently. In contrast to batch systems the time-sharing system allows users to perform tasks within the system simultaneously. It allows many users to be spread across multiple terminals, thus reducing the time required to respond. The benefits of using time-sharing operating systems include:

  • The speed of response is rapid to tasks-related performance.
  • It reduces the amount of time that is wasted by the processor.
  • Every task has a similar likelihood of being accomplished.
  • It also lowers the risk that duplicate software will be created.

Distributed operating systems

It is built upon computers that are self-contained but connected through communications lines or an interconnected network. Each autonomous computer is equipped with its own CPU that may differ in the size and capabilities. The distributed OS can support a variety of applications and numerous clients in real-time. Data processing is then distributed between processors.

Network operating systems

Operating systems for networks are installed on servers that give users the capability to manage their users’ data groups, users, as well as applications. The operating system allows users to share access and share equipment and data, including security software and printers and other applications generally on local area networks.

Real-time operating systems

Real-time operating systems provide the necessary support for real-time systems that have to adhere to time limitations. The time between input, processing, and reaction is very brief which is beneficial when processes are highly sensitive and require preciseness. This applies to the operation of missiles, medical equipment and Air traffic control systems, which could lead to losing life and property.

Mobile operating systems

Mobile operating systems are only available on smaller devices such as smartphones, devices, tablets, wearables and smartphones. It integrates personal computer capabilities alongside other features that are beneficial that are suitable for mobile devices. The mobile operating system is activated once the phone has been turned on to permit access to the applications installed. Its mobile OS may also manage the wireless connection of networks.

Advantage of Operating System

  • It lets you hide the hardware’s details by creating an abstraction
  • Simple to use and comes with GUI GUI Offers an environment in which a user may execute programs/applications
  • The operating system must ensure that the system is simple to operate.
  • Operating System acts to act as an intermediary hardware and software components
  • It provides the capabilities of computers in a easy-to-use format.
  • It acts to act as an intermediary for hardware and software in the system.

Disadvantages of Operating System

  • If there’s a glitch with your OS it’s possible to erase all data that is saved in your computer.
  • Operating system software can be expensive for small businesses and this adds to the cost. Example Windows.
  • There is no guarantee that you are safe, as dangers can strike at any moment.

Wrap Up

The need for technology is growing each day and as younger generations, such as Gen Alpha grow up & are able to join working class, having a reliable and reliable operating system will be the top prioritization in every work environment. If you’re considering pursuing the field of IT then this is the ideal time to begin.

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