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Top Best Tips for Digital Marketing

Experts at the Digital Workshop share the best Digital Marketing strategies, such as growing your business online, finding new customers, and advertising on social media or search engines.

Top Beneficial Tips:

Introduce yourself with your email

In Digital Marketing Company Birmingham, the way to build a customer base is to keep your reputation high. For example, add your name and email address to the field of Gmail to show who you are and make your recipients trust the content you send.

Keep subject lines under 10 words to summarize the main purpose of your email and highlight useful and relevant points. It’s also a good idea to choose an image as your Gmail image, such as your organization’s logo or your photo.

Run promotional email campaigns more efficiently

It’s common for the same promotional information to be repeated when running a campaign. You can work faster by saving your reply with templates in Gmail. This way, you don’t have to type the same reply again when you want to add that information to your e-mail again. Simply select the saved answer.

Organize winning campaigns

Creating a campaign can take time and be difficult to coordinate. In the planning phase, keep marketing team members up to date with details and schedules by creating a team calendar. When your campaign is ready, let everyone know using Calendar.
You can even create promotional materials such as brochures and store them in Drive or a shared drive. Next, use Google Sites to create an external website with details, promotional media, and other items associated with your campaign. Customers can access all the information they need from a single point, with the device they want.

Appear in search results and attract attention locally

First, create an online destination for your organization by creating a website with blog posts, product information, and other promotions on Sites. Keep your site relevant and updated to support search engine optimization.
Then, give your website a publicly visible identity and presence in Search, with the added benefit of being listed on Google My Business listings. Include a phone number to encourage customers to call you and a location to help them find you.

Reach new audiences with effective ads

Highlight your website ads with special deals, promotions, or surprise discounts. Attract customers with bold, call-to-action phrases like “Don’t Miss” or “Don’t Forget to Book” on banners and buttons. Video ads; It is an ideal way to reach new customers, interact with them, and promote products or your organization.

When creating an ad, be careful not to exceed 30 seconds and to showcase your brand in the first seconds so that it does not go unnoticed by users. You can save the video on Sites or your organization’s official YouTube.Share it on your channel. Also, note that on some social media sites, your video ad will play without sound for the first few seconds. So think about how you can interact with viewers at this critical point.

Make your website mobile friendly

Successful mobile websites turn visitors into buyers. Therefore, create mobile-friendly sites using Sites. First, develop your site to run smoothly on mobile devices. Pages should automatically adjust based on the screen size the customer is using. Try your website on mobile devices as well.
How does it look? Is it easy to navigate? Are phone numbers set up so visitors can call you with a single tap? Then take advantage of advertising services like Google Ads when you’re ready to run mobile ads. Think about the phrases potential customers might use when searching. Users tend to use fewer and shorter terms on mobile devices. Therefore, keep your keywords short and relevant.

Showcase new products

Share a new product with your customers? Quickly create a powerful Slides presentation that explains the product’s features and benefits, its unique selling feature, and more. Make your presentation more dynamic by adding images and videos. Then, use Sites to place your presentation on your organization’s website to raise awareness.

Gather product feedback from customers

While your new product is in the early stages of development, create a survey in Forms and embed it on your Sites site to gather customer feedback. Once you’ve gathered enough responses, product marketing managers can sort and organize the results into Sheets and, after doing the necessary analysis, determine the best method to make the product even better.

Create quality creatives and share them with your marketing agency

Working on creatives with your Digital Marketing Firm in Birmingham? You can save work files and folders to Drive or a shared drive and instantly share them with your agency. When a user contributes by adding feedback or approval, you can easily see which files have changed. So everyone stays in sync no matter what time zone they are in.

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