Tips for Maintaining Office Cleanliness During the Rainy Season

This time we are entering the rainy season, which, besides bringing coolness to nature, also causes various problems both in the outside environment and inside the building. Rain with a lot of intensity and for a long time can cause flooding, especially if your place is in an urban area with minimal absorption. The rainy season also affects the cleanliness of the environment in buildings, especially office buildings.

Offices that contain lots of workers sometimes bring dirt from the outside so that the office looks dirty, not only workers, but if your office accepts clients, it will definitely have the same effect. In addition, the cold and humid weather in the Rainy season will also cause the room to smell bad. Then what are the tips for keeping the office clean during the rainy season?

Provide a Water Faucet Outside

Lots of office employees use shoes that have been exposed to a lot of dirt and even mud. So providing a water faucet outside is very effective for cleaning the bottom of shoes before entering the office. A faucet with a low flow of water can wash the bottom of the shoes.

If your office doesn’t accept clients, you can place the water faucet anywhere you like, either in front of the office, beside the office, or in the back. However, if your office accepts clients, avoid placing a water faucet in front of the office. You can move it to the side or back and make an agreement for employees to enter through the back door.

Use a PVC mat or rubber mat

After the shoes are washed using water, the shoes will definitely get wet, right? To dry under wet shoes, you can use a PVC mat, which has a rough texture and fits your shoes so that when employees enter the office, they don’t cause spots of dirt or water.

If your office accepts clients, use a mat made of dark rubber like black. These mats are harder and tougher. This mat can be directly used by clients who will enter your office without washing their shoes first because it would be impolite to ask clients to wash their shoes first.

You should stock up on lots of mats like these as they will get a lot of use and will get dirty easily. However, if you are not proud to use used cardboard, it is also very helpful to keep the office floor clean, cardboard can absorb water under the shoes to the maximum and it is also not a shame if it is known for mud, after that it can be thrown away immediately.

Ensure Water Channel in the Office Area are Smooth

You have to pay attention to the water channels in the office area, whether some are clogged or some are not large enough. This can prevent flooding or standing water in the office area. Apart from that, smooth water channels can also be a stream of rainwater and water from the faucet to wash footwear. So as not to stagnate and make the office area look dirty.

Use Room Silica

During the rainy season, the office space will usually feel very damp and cause a lot of fungi to grow, especially since a lot of office furniture is made of wood, which is the best habitat for mushrooms. Therefore, use room silica, which is useful for absorbing room humidity and reducing the potential for mold to grow in office spaces. Silica works to absorb water droplets in the room that cause humidity in the room.

Use Extra Air Freshener

During the rainy season, especially when the room feels very damp and moldy, it will usually cause various unpleasant odors. Therefore, prepare more room deodorizers so that employees are not disturbed by the smell and clients who enter the office building.

Be More Diligent in Sweeping and Mopping the Floor

When the rainy season arrives, the biggest problem is the cleanliness of the floor. You can pay more for professional cleaning services to sweep and mop the floor. Because if only in the morning and evening, the floor will look very dirty. If the office environment looks very dirty, it will definitely make the client uncomfortable.

Setting Up Lots of Covered Trash Cans

The garbage thing is very disgusting, especially when the rainy season comes, the weather is cold, damp, and moldy can make flies migrate to the office environment, moreover, when there are lots of open trash cans, flies will really like to visit them. Not only flies, but cockroaches also really like an environment like that.

Waste management– Covered trash cans reduce the potential for flies, cockroaches, and their kindred animals to smell the waste. In addition, closed trash cans can also reduce odors. in the room. Closed trash can also reduce the spread of bacteria into the room.

Prepare more antiseptic fluids

To prepare for the rainy season, you can prepare more antiseptics and disinfectants. Antiseptic is a material that can kill microorganisms in the body. Can be as a hand rub or hand wash. This can protect employees from various diseases, microorganisms, and fungi.

Disinfectants are substances used to kill bacteria in a room. This disinfectant is very useful for killing microorganisms that make the room smell bad. It can be as a mop or carbolic acid. Besides that, disinfectants can also overcome animals such as flies and cockroaches entering the office environment.

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