Tips for Creating Attractive Custom Mailer Boxes to Wow Your Customers

Custom mailer boxes are an essential part of any business, from retail to e-commerce. They serve as both a way to protect products during shipping. And also as a way to make a lasting first impression with customers. The key is to make sure that your packaging materials stand out from the rest. And create a unique, memorable experience for your customers. Here are some tips for creating attractive custom mailer boxes that will wow your customers: 

Choose the Right Materials: 

Selecting high-quality materials is essential when it comes to making custom mailer boxes. That look great. Consider using corrugated cardboard or Kraft paperboard, which provide extra strength. And durability while still looking attractive. Additionally, consider adding accents such as laser cutting or foil stamping to give your boxes an extra pop of style. You can pick anything that you want. Have a look at 

Opt Your Design: 

Customizing the design of your mailer boxes is another great way to make them stand out from the crowd. Look at what other companies are doing. And then think about how you can improve upon their designs. Consider adding an intriguing pattern or color palette that will draw in customers’ eyes. And help set your product apart from competitors. 

Include Branding Elements: 

Adding branding elements such as logos, slogans. Even custom images can help create a memorable experience for customers when they receive your product. These elements should be strategically placed on the box. So that it stands out and helps create a strong association with your brand. Additionally, it can be fun to experiment with different fonts and backgrounds to give your packaging a unique feel. 

Include Instructions: 

Having clear instructions printed on the box or included as an insert will ensure. That customers know what to do when they receive the product. This is especially important if you are selling something. That needs to be assembled – make sure the directions are easy to understand and follow so that there’s no confusion about how to properly use the item. 

Choose Quality Materials: 

When it comes to mailer boxes, quality materials matter. Choosing a durable cardboard material and ensuring proper padding inside of the box will keep your product safe during transit. Additionally, selecting eco-friendly packaging materials will not only help protect the environment. But can be a great way to show customers that you care about the planet and are taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Print Custom Branding: 

One of the biggest advantages of custom mailer boxes is their potential for brand building. You can add your logo, website, or product image to the box design so customers can recognize your company right away. Stand out by choosing bright colors and bold fonts that will draw attention and make sure that people remember who they’ve bought from. 

Offer Complimentary Goods: 

Another great way to make your custom mailer boxes stand out is to offer complimentary goods along with the purchase. This could include anything from a small gift item, such as a keychain or a coupon code for future purchases. This is an excellent way to show your appreciation and make customers feel special. 

Go Green: 

If you want to make sure that your packaging stands out, why not invest in eco-friendly materials? You can find biodegradable mailer boxes that are both stylish and sustainable. Eco-friendly mailer boxes look great while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Give Them Options: 

Provide options to your customers when it comes to custom mailer boxes by giving them the ability to choose a size, color, or design that they like best. This will ensure that they have the perfect packaging for their product and also display their loyalty to your company. 

Make It Personal: 

A great way to make sure that your custom mailer boxes stand out is by adding a personal touch. You can add personalized details such as a logo, tagline, or message to give your customers the feeling that they are receiving something special and unique. 

Go Eco-Friendly: 

Many customers are looking for sustainable packaging solutions, so consider switching up your materials to be more eco-friendly. You can choose from recyclable materials such as cardboard or paperboard instead of plastic or Styrofoam. This will not only help reduce your company’s carbon footprint but also give your customers a warm feeling knowing that their purchase was made with the environment in mind. 

Add Custom Embellishments: 

Embellishments are a great way to add a personal touch and make your packaging stand out. You can choose from options such as ribbon, twine, labels, stamps, washi tape, stickers, or even fabric to give it a unique look. Not only will this help keep your packages secure during transit, but it will also leave lasting impressions on customers when they receive their orders. 

Include Protective Inserts: 

Protective inserts are important for keeping items safe in the box while being shipped. This could be anything from bubble wrap to foam pellets that fit snugly into the box around the product, so it doesn’t move around. Make sure to measure and test the dimensions of your product to ensure that your protective inserts are the correct size and fit snugly into the box. 

Design a Brand Logo: 

Including a brand logo on your custom mailer boxes can be an effective way to promote your business. This could be printed onto the box itself or even included as a sticker or label. You could also use a clear window cut-out so customers can still see some of the product inside while still having your branding visible from the outside. Doing this will help increase brand recognition and make sure that customers remember who they purchased from in the future. 

Highlight Your Brand: 

Custom mailer boxes are an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand identity. Think about using colors, fonts, and other design features that help bring attention to your company’s name or logo. This will give customers a better idea of who you are and why they should trust you with their purchases. 

Lastly, Make It Attractive: 

No matter how unique and personalized your custom mailer boxes may be, if they don’t look attractive, then they won’t stand out. Use bold colors, interesting shapes, and other features to draw the eye and make your packaging stand out from the rest. Make sure that each box reflects the unique personality of your brand for maximum impact. Get amazing custom packaging services today! 


Creating custom mailer boxes doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With the right materials, design elements, and personalization options, you can make your boxes stand out from the competition and give customers an experience that is uniquely yours. Whether you’re shipping out products or sending thank-you notes to loyal customers, custom mailer boxes are the perfect way to show off your brand. 

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