The Best Android Developers to Hire for Your Apps

The demand for Android apps is skyrocketing as the number of mobile devices on the platform increases quickly. The same goes with the Hire android developers. With a 71.45% market share in mobile devices, Android smartphones are more popular than iOS and other gadgets. As for applications, Android apps exceed iOS apps by a margin of 3.3 million to 2.1 million.

Developers of Android applications are in high demand. But, application abilities are not universal, so you must choose an Android developer with the right qualifications and expertise to meet your particular requirements.

What are the essential qualities to look for in an Android developer when hiring them to work on your application? Learn more by reading on.

Who is an Android Developer?

It’s crucial to comprehend the definition and function of an Android Developer before we can provide advice on how to find and employ one.

Essentially, they are professionals in developing cutting-edge applications for the Android operating system. This IT developer specializes in creating Android-compatible applications that consumers may access on their Android tablets and smartphones.

Let’s go through why modern firms absolutely must hire Android developers.

Why Do You Need a Developer for Android?

What specific ways may Android development benefit your company’s bottom line? Million Android users will have the opportunity to learn about your company by downloading the Android application you provide to your current and target consumers.

You will overlook a sizable portion of the population if you do not target Android mobile consumers. Your prospects of expanding your company will be lower as a result. In other words, by hiring an Android app developer, you are creating a new cash stream.

Essential Abilities for Android Development

When you employ an Android developer or development team, they should be able to “deliver the goods” required to build, test, and deploy your application according to best development practices. Each developer should have a foundational understanding of the Android platform.

When assessing potential developers, use this list of abilities for Android developers as a reference.

  1. Languages and Tools: The most popular programming languages for Android development are JAVA and Kotlin. These languages and technologies need in-depth knowledge.
  2. User Interface (UI) and User Interaction – A successful Android application requires an appealing and easy-to-use user interface. Thus your developer should be able to design and construct one. Students must be acquainted with Android components such as Activity all, RecyclerView, Constraint layout, and Fragments.
  3. Navigation: User pleaser is increased through efficient navigation. Your developer should master the toolbar, BottomNavigationView, and JetPack use. They need to be able to create an orderly and straightforward layout.
  4. Testing and QA: A successful app must go through testing. Thus your engineers should be conversant with widely used testing frameworks like Expresso.
  5. Databases and Data Management: SQLite and other widely used databases are essential skills for Android developers. They must be adept at choosing, setting up, and exchanging data in databases.
  6. Notifications: Reminders and information sharing are two ways that notifications may boost user engagement.
  7. Android SDK, Firebase, and frameworks: The utilization of the Android SDK, Firebase, and development frameworks like React Native and Flutter are utilized to automate development processes. Therefore your developer should be knowledgeable about how and when to use each.
  8. Security: Your application must be secure, and your developer should be adept at designing a user experience that is both secure and practical. They should know the different tools and features for managing access and authorization.
  9. Application Programming Interfaces: APIs which enable direct contact with other applications or services, are a potent approach to increasing the value and interactivity of your application. It is crucial for developers to understand the various APIs and how to access them.
  10. Version Control: GitHub is the most popular version control tool. Your developer must be skilled in collaborating on projects and utilizing GitHub as a code repository.
  11. Deployment: Your developer should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the several methods for distributing your programme, such as direct distribution, website downloads, and the Google Play store.

Norms of the game

When selecting an Android developer, it’s crucial to consider your choice of engagement model in addition to their skill set. Should you, for instance, recruit one as a W2 employee or a freelance? Need a team of developers or just one?

Below are a few tested models for development services to take into account. Very certainly, one will work well for your requirements.

  1. Staff Augmentation: It is a smart strategy if you already have a development team but need to add more expertise. Working with a suitable partner might facilitate finding the right resources fast.
  2. Project Teams: It’s possible that just one developer will be able to finish and launch your application in time for you. A committed group of several programmers might provide the solution.
  3. Outsourcing: A substitute for adding programmers or a specialized team is outsourcing. This approach can be the best option if your company is short on time or needs more development and project management personnel.


Android mobile apps are well-liked productivity aids, and you could be considering developing one for your company. What factors should you take into account when hiring an Android developer to create your app? In addition to having the appropriate engagement model, look for developers that possess a core set of Android-specific skills and expertise.

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