School cleaning: holidays, time for glazing and repairs 

School cleaning and maintenance: In real places of life, schools welcome many people daily. From nursery to university, students, teachers, supervisors, professors, and school life staff live side by side.

Our Mission

  • Guarantee the image of a clean establishment
  • Always thinking about all uses: teachers, students, parents, visitors
  • Adapt frequencies to uses
  • Prevent contamination

Mastering the fundamentals for the well-being of the occupants

The cleaning of schools must be rigorous to allow users to feel good there and to learn in the best conditions. School cleaning teams must be reactive and expect in the event of unforeseen events and especially during epidemic periods. It is essential to increase the attention paid to disinfection and preventive actions to avoid contamination. Cleaning in schools has a direct impact on the health and comfort of users: it is therefore a priority.

A cleaning service adapted to the crowds of establishments

As a school cleaning professional, a cleaning company must be flexible and agile. To best meet the expectations of school management, they apply intelligent and tailor-made cleaning methods. We adapt all the materials and products used by the maintenance agents to the specificities of the customer’s site as well as to its configuration.

What we offer is a wide range of school cleaning services for premises  :

  • Maintenance of classrooms and management offices: many floors, furniture, and equipment
  • Sanitary hygiene: maintenance several times a day of toilets, sinks, dividing walls, and contact points
  • Cleanliness of common areas: reception hall, corridors, library, refectory, computer room, and so forth
  • Management of the supply of “zero breakage” consumables: liquid soap, toilet paper, and so forth
  • Maintenance of outdoor spaces: parking lots, courtyards, courtyards, green spaces, bicycle shelters, and so forth
  • Waste management: collection and selective sorting
  • Chemical-free school cleaning with ozonated water or steam
  • Use of eco-labeled or eco-certified products
  • Use of silent machines
  • Adjustment of service schedules according to off-peak hours

We also carry out one-off services that ensure the comfort and safety of users,  such as blowing leaves to prevent falls, salting yards in snow alerts, setting up transparent garbage bags, etc.

Cleanliness and early childhood: special attention

The SCS Group Integrated Services has been a specialist in the maintenance of sensitive areas such as spaces linked to early childhood for over 15 years. Every day, parents drop off their children on school premises for several hours. You have to earn their trust and this translates above all into the cleanliness and hygiene of the environment in which their children will evolve throughout the day. We accompany you on a daily basis to carry out all your cleaning work :

  • Meticulous cleaning and disinfection of the sanitary facilities, of all the furniture of the establishment with particular attention to the dormitory areas
  • Increased vigilance in washing the floors. Choice of detergents and/or disinfectant detergents but non-aggressive and non-dangerous for people
  • Cleaning playgrounds

Our agents intervene without the presence of the users and scrupulously respect the safety instructions of the establishment. Our teams secure each intervention with great vigilance to prevent accidents and have protective equipment for users and employees such as the wet floor panel.

Top view of an amphitheater with students during a lesson

Experienced and involved cleaners

SCS Group Cleaning Solution a school cleaning agents have technical know-how in cleaning work methodologies but also soft skills that allow them to move more easily in the premises to be cleaned. They have a sense of organization and are able to be quick in the execution of the service while achieving quality passages. They know how to adapt to different work situations as well as to the rhythms of activity which may differ.

To apply our cleaning expertise in schools receiving a lot of public, we pay particular attention to the training of our service agents in the specificities of schools  :

  • The technical use of suitable equipment: small equipment, machines, and so forth
  • Risk management: awareness of user and self-safety
  • Responsibility: site closing rounds, lights out, and so forth

Please note that our service agents are trained in first aid.

School holidays, time for glazing interventions and repairs 

It is quite possible to schedule one-off interventions throughout the year during school holidays or before the start of the school year in September. Off-peak periods are usually reserved for additional work and repairs to your school. Establishing a deployment plan with specific frequencies makes it possible to organize and have the staff available for this type of service. Thus, our teams can work more easily without disturbing staff or students. They intervene for:

  • Washing of all interior and exterior glass
  • Floor treatment: carpet shampoo, cleaning sprays for thermoplastic floors, waxing
  • Dusting and washing of walls
  • Stripping and descaling of sanitary facilities
  • Small renovation works painting, relamping, etc.

The management of the school cleaning service

Our desire is to establish a relationship of trust with our customers and fully co-construct the cleaning offer best suited to their needs. We study the specificities of the school, its environment but also the opening hours, the constraints linked to peak attendance, etc. Our teams include strict criteria in terms of the health and safety of users and cleaning agents in the proposed offer. The goal is to establish a tailor-made service adapted to the nature of your activity.

If you need an optimum level of cleanliness throughout the day, we can set up a permanence to guarantee constant service. This permanence can cover the cleaning of unforeseen dirt, the management of waste, the management of consumables, etc. The traceability of the performance of the services is available on the digital management tool, generally included in our Cleanliness offer for colleges, high schools, and higher education establishments.

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