Learn How To Draw Santa Claus Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

Easy Santa Claus Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids If you can figure out how to design a Santa Claus face, imagine all the fantastic DIY Christmas projects you can create. This particular Santa features a thick, fluffy beard, a bright smile, and his distinctive bright red cap.

This simple drawing assignment was inspired by my video on how to draw Santa Claus. I advise you to follow that movie and lesson if you want to learn how to draw a complete image of Santa.

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Simple Santa Claus Drawing For Kids

You can follow the steps in the list of instructions below to draw a face using digital drawing methods. But if you wish to sketch on paper using a pencil, you can also utilize these instructions. By including other characters who reflect the season, you can create a drawing of a winter scene.

You can apply the vinyl cut out to your cutting machine, if you have a Cricut or Silhouette, and then transfer the digital drawing to create Christmas decorations. I described how to upload SVG files to Cricut in an article I have written.

You can follow the instructions in this tutorial to draw the Santa face with pencils or a computer. The template and printed instructions are provided below.

Drawing Materials:

The following is a list of drawing tools. The first set is for drawing on paper using the conventional manner.

  • Digital drawing is covered by the final set.
  • Pens and pencils.
  • Paper pad for mixed media.
  • Paint markers.
  • The table is light for tracing.

How to Draw a Santa Face: What You Need:

The first step is to arrange your drawing supplies. I’ll be utilizing the open-source graphics tool Inkscape. If you enjoy drawing on a tablet, you can view my tutorial on an online drawing program for Inkscape.

The brush strokes and calligraphy tools are my favorites. The instruction document at the bottom of the post has the settings that I employ.

In my opinion, you should watch the video and adhere to the detailed directions. When I can see a visual example, I find that tasks are easier to do.

Figure out Santa Claus:

  • For my Santa face, I like to start by drawing a nose. Why the nose rather than the head? We will sketch the face around the nose because it is in the middle of the face.
  • For the nose, create a sideways “C” form. The “C” should have an open section at the top, and the “C” should have a curved part at the bottom.
  • Give him some eyes, please. Construct two circles. We will create a semicircle for the pupils inside each circle.
  • Make eyebrows just above his eyes. To create the eyebrows, we’ll start with the number “3”. Make a “3” that is angled. Continue building the “3” forms around the rectangle, pretending it is there.

Apply this to each eye:

After drawing Santa’s face, let’s add a beard to him. Later, we’ll close our mouths.

Draw the beard of Santa:

  • After drawing the face, we can add the beard. To create the beard, we’ll start with the number “3.” Draw a sideways “3” starting from the right side of the nose.
  • The “3” should be positioned with the open portion at the bottom and the curled portion at the top. Sketch two more of these.
  • Use the “3” form on the left side of the nose to do the same series of actions.
  • He’ll now join the two sides together. Draw a succession of “3” shapes from the left side, down past the nose, and then back up to the right side to accomplish this.
  • Make sure the center has more room than the sides.
  • Now, in the center of his beard, draw a tiny half-circle for his smile.

How to Draw a Santa Hat:

  • Consider your paper or screen to have a rectangle in the lowest center. On the outside edge of this imagined rectangle, scribble a sideways “3.”
    Make more “3” shapes all the way around the rectangle.
  • The brim will be made of this.
  • Drawing a diagonal line that rises from the left side and descends is the following stage.
  • The right side of his hat will be built in the same manner as the left side.
  • Drawing a similar line on the right side, beginning at the brim. You want to make this line bigger and higher up this time.

Last Step:

  • Connecting those two lines is the subsequent step.
  • We’ll draw a curled pom-pom at the point to do this.
  • A series of “3” shapes should be drawn to join and close the two lines.
  • You should be able to see Santa’s entire face once the pom-pom is finished.

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