How to save money with a cloud PBX and is it the right system?


If you have the plan to incorporate a new business communication technology into your company, this blog will help you identify how the current advanced technology can help you save a lot of money especially if yours is a start-up.

Let us begin with the fundamentals straight to the topic. Cloud PBX is the most preferred option by the majority of business owners today. 

For your information, Private Branch Exchange, or “PBX,” is a computing system that uses the internet for data storage and information transfer. It does not depend on hardware devices. Therefore, it is often referred to as a “cloud” or “hosted PBX.”

In simple, because it is a cost-saving practice, it became a reliable office phone system preferably addressed as an online virtual system.

Hosted PBX Vs On-site PBX:

The main difference between onsite or traditional PBX and cloud PBX is the physical space on-site PBX consumes along with a dedicated IT team to handle. Therefore on-premise PBX is located on the premises of the firm. But the cloud-based system, on the other hand, lacks a physical location. Because it is created on the internet’s cloud. 

Calculate yourself as the business’s facilities have all the essential hardware and equipment. Besides, all necessary upgrades, repairs, and maintenance are performed in the cloud.

In comparison to a Hosted PBX system, an On-premise PBX system requires more hardware and maintenance. The virtual PBX system only requires a PC with a reliable internet connection, and a few IP phones and the provider is in charge of all management and upgrades.

Simultaneously, you can enjoy advanced features with the best quality.  Along with all the features, Cloud PBX is more affordable, scalable, flexible, and has cost-cutting qualities.

Now let us discuss some straightforward advantages Cloud/Hosted PBX offers your business.


Undoubtedly, the inexpensive trait of a hosted Cloud PBX System is its main advantage. Therefore, you don’t need to buy any physical equipment. Because a hosted PBX system is offered as a service. The only technology you could need is desktop IP phones.

In addition, you can also forward all calls to mobile devices owned by employees. By doing this, you can save money on installation and maintenance expenses because there is comparatively less equipment. Your service provider hosts and maintains all of your services and features in the cloud. Remember that the price of your phone service you pay includes ongoing upgrades and upkeep too. In this process, the majority of carriers provide online hubs for managing your phone lines, updates, and maintenance requirements.

Since you only pay for the features and phone lines you actually use, a hosted PBX system allows you a great deal of control over your finances. Furthermore, the majority of cloud/hosted business phone systems include unlimited calling. It allows your staff to use the phone for as long as they like without ever having to worry about extra charges.

Economic Benefits: 

Because the Cloud PBX system only charges for features that are actually used, the majority of cloud PBX service providers provide variable customized price plans based on many factors like the variety of users and extensions and the total amount of required calling minutes.

Scalability and Flexibility: 

Your business can simply scale up or down depending on the demands of the organization. Using a web-based interface, businesses can easily install an infinite number of extensions with only a few mouse clicks, and the greatest part is that businesses don’t need any prior technological expertise. Everything is in your control if you use a cloud PBX solution.

Additionally, it is very flexible that you can profit from the most recent business phone features without worrying about updating your hardware. Because the hosted PBX provider will handle everything.

Strong market presence: 

It is important to learn about virtual numbers. For instance, if you decide to convert from a cloud PBX system to a traditional phone system, you must be ignoring virtual numbers. 

Local and toll-free virtual phone numbers are the two varieties that determine your market presence.

Cloud PBX suits Start-ups for its adaptability:

In the first place, Cloud PBX is less expensive than traditional PBX systems that are installed inside businesses. Because this solution does not call for expensive hardware or high maintenance and repair costs.

If compared, traditional PBX systems have high monthly charges, while Cloud PBX is more reasonably priced.

Users can use it from anywhere as long as they have a strong internet connection. This is because clouds are not geographically restricted. Your business can operate whether or not your employees are present in the office.

Invest Less but Expand More: 

These solutions facilitate growth and help small businesses to expand without having to worry about logistics. For instance, there is no need to upgrade your technology, rent extra space, or expand your server area.

Advanced Capabilities:

Simple! Cloud has more sophisticated capability than a traditional PBX system. Because it is straightforward and easy to use and doesn’t require any new gear.

Some of the essential features like number portability, remote voicemail, voicemail to email, follow-me capability, extensions, ring groups, virtual receptionists, call waiting, call transfer, and call logs, are included among the call management features offered by cloud PBX.


The flexibility to carry on with corporate activities is one of the most significant benefits offered by cloud PBX solutions. This is called the reliability of any service. 

On the other hand, business operations will not be impacted by any natural disaster or accident caused by people due to cloud computing. It keeps backups of the organization’s data at data centers spread across various places.

Cloud business System

Choose the right service provider before configuring PBX in your organization:

So, setting up a cloud PBX for a company of any size is pretty easy and also doesn’t call for a high level of technological proficiency. But, having internet access becomes the most crucial necessity in order to connect to this technology as well as to adapt it with respect to your company’s specifications.

Therefore, finding the ideal service provider is the finest thought process of a business owner. You must choose one that offers all the latest business phone capabilities and offers top-notch customer support. This is the challenging aspect of setting up cloud PBX for the company.

So, browse a little and find out how a company offers the Cloud PBX Service. Also, assess how it will protect the data while it is being transported or physically stored in their data centers. Finally, network and data security cannot be taken lightly as it is most important in the operations of every business.

The Final Word:

In conclusion, we suggest you use the cloud PBX services offered by the best and most reputed providers like VITEL GLOBAL INDIA. Our expert teams are ready to help your business streamline its operating procedures to ensure a great experience for both consumers and your staff at the same time.

To learn more, what precisely is a cloud PBX and how does it operate? Additional details regarding product support can be found

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