How to Have the Perfect Disney Vacation

How to have the perfect Disney vacation Everyone has a Disney vacation story. You know the one: you went as a child, and it was a magical experience. Or maybe you met your spouse in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Or maybe your family fell apart at the Happiest Place on Earth. It happens. Whatever brought you to this place, I’m here to help ensure that your next trip is everything you want and more.

This article is all about Disney, and how to have the perfect Disney vacation.

Know your crowd.

Whether you’re traveling with your family or a group of friends, it’s important to be on the same page when it comes to things like expectations and schedules. If everyone isn’t in agreement about what they want out of their time at Disney World, things could get unpleasant.

If you have kids, bring a stroller (or rent one) so they can keep up with you while exploring the parks.

This means that depending on where you’re going at any given time, your group might have to split up if some members want to go inside an attraction while others wait outside with young children who can’t fit through most doors yet.

On the other hand, if this doesn’t apply to your situation or if everyone is willing to split off from each other during busy times in order not to miss experiences together later on that day/night (“I’ll meet up with him later”/”We’ll run into them eventually”), then, by all means, feel free.

Make the most of your time.

The first tip for making the most of your time is to plan. The best way to do this is by purchasing Disney’s official planning guide, The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

You can also use it as a reference while on your trip, it has color-coded sections so that everything is easy to find when it comes time for mealtime or nap time, or lunchtime.

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Even if you don’t purchase the book (or if it’s too expensive), there are plenty of resources online that can help make sure your trip goes smoothly.

There are countless blogs written by people who have visited Disney World many times before;

  • YouTube videos full of step-by-step instructions on how best to prepare yourself physically (and mentally);
  • Pinterest boards filled with photos of food and outfits;
  • Twitter accounts dedicated solely to answering questions about which rides are worth waiting hours for and what foods will satisfy even picky eaters’ stomachs just the right amount without filling them up too much so they feel sluggish later on in the day;
  • Facebook groups where travelers share experiences from past trips together are just some examples.

Plan to get around efficiently.

Disney World is massive, so you need to plan your transportation well. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Cost of transportation. Will you be renting a car? Will it be cheaper to use Uber or Lyft? If you’re taking public transit, how far from the park do the buses go?
  • Time spent traveling. How long will it take to get there and back each day? Are there any traffic jams that could add time to your trip?
  • Time spent waiting in line for transportation options (especially in busy seasons). It’s important not only that we get where we’re going quickly but also that we can enjoy ourselves while getting there.

Consider the season.

Deciding when to go is an important part of planning your trip. Various factors play into this decision, but the most important thing to consider is the weather. Since you’re visiting Florida in winter, you’ll likely be there during hurricane season (June 1st – November 30th).

Hurricane season can be brutal on Florida’s theme parks and beaches, so if you have any say in when you travel, choose to go during shoulder season instead.

Some people prefer visiting at Christmas time because it lets them experience Disney World with a more festive atmosphere, and who doesn’t want that?

However, if crowds aren’t your thing then Christmas isn’t for you either. With more than 60 million people visiting each year during the holidays and hotels filled up months in advance (yes months), who wouldn’t want to avoid this madness?

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