How to Choose Right Research Methodology for PhD Dissertation?

The key part of your research dissertation in PhD dissertation is the methodology. Research methodology involves your methods or approaches while writing a PhD dissertation. It justifies the data collection and analysis methods by linking the literature review. Research methodology usually comes after the introduction chapter. It is an important chapter that describes your research process and the methods you used to support your findings. This chapter includes;

  • The aim and objective of your dissertation
  • The method or approach you used, such as quantitative, qualitative, or mixed
  • Instruments or materials you used while investigating
  • Data collection and data analysis methods

In this article, we will explain to you what research methodology is. How to choose the right research procedure for your PhD dissertation?

Top Strategies To Follow While Choosing The Right Research Methodology For Phd Dissertation

Choosing the right methodology for PhD dissertation is very important. It gives legitimacy to your research and produces flawless and reliable results. It establishes your understanding of research design theory. Also, it allows you to make your study or investigation replicable. Research methodology can be quantitative (based on statistical data and verifies existing data or theories). It can be qualitative (focuses on the ideas, beliefs, concepts, and descriptions). The strategies a student must consider while choosing the right research methodology are discussed below.

Nature Of Your Research

The nature of your research decides the best research methodology to be chosen. It depends upon the nature of research whether one should go for qualitative, quantitative, or mixed. Each research methodology is different in its perspective and helps you solve different questions. You can say that the nature of the research is the key factor in the research method you will adopt. The nature of your research can be systematic or scientific. One must consider the nature of his subject while choosing the methodology.

Disciplinary Norms Of Your Research Area

It is important to decide the disciplinary norms of your subject while choosing the best research methodology. It involves the study used by other researchers in the field similar to your subject area. The similar aims and objectives of other researchers allow you to choose the right methodology for your paper. It gives you a broad idea of the data collection techniques used by other researchers in the same field of investigation. For example, you will find tested surveys if you are undertaking a quantitative study. Do not try to adopt the same methodological approach of existing literature. Keep in mind your’s research area. You can only adopt the existing approach if you consider the approach relevant.

Practicalities of the Methodology

While choosing the best methodological approach for your phd dissertation, consider the methodology’s practicalities. Practicalities mean whether the research methodology is theoretically best or not. It is important to consider all the constraints you may encounter while investigating. If you find any problem or ambiguity in the practicalities of it, you can contact PhD dissertation help.

Access To Research Data

It is important to consider the data access for your research area while choosing the methodology. Ensure that the data you will collect for your research methodology is practically possible. If you want to take a quantitative approach using interviews or surveys to collect data, you will need to consider the number of responses you want to get your results. Ensure all the constraints that you may encounter for data collection.

Cost Or Money

It is important to consider the cost available to choose the best and most efficient research method. It is an important constraint you must consider while choosing the methodological approach. For your research, the cost that may arise includes;

  • Incentives cost (giving cash or prize to attract respondents)
  • Software costs
  • Advertising and surveying cost
  • Equipment or instrumental cost used while investigating
  • Travel costs

Time Or Deadlines To Finish The PhD Dissertation.

It is important to consider the deadlines while choosing the research methodology. Pay attention to the timeline. The data collection and analysis greatly impact the time requirement of different methodologies. At PhD level, you may have a fairly open-ended time limit. But one should consider the timelines to complete the PhD dissertation.


Even though the primary reason to select the best research methodology may be to achieve the research’s objective, other factors that influence the study’s success must be considered. Remember that your research is driven by selecting the best method and carrying it out correctly. The strategies mentioned above can prove beneficial for a student in choosing the best research methodology for a PhD dissertation.

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