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Factory Floor Cleaning. For a factory, cleanliness is very important and must get good attention. Moreover, the factory has a very big role in product quality, where the product will be used by consumers.

Thus, cleanliness must be a priority so as not to cause problems to consumers. Not only for consumers, factory cleanliness also provides benefits for the workers themselves to avoid things that are not desirable during work activities.

The Importance of Factory Cleaning

The existence of industrial cleaning or cleaning of industrial areas such as factories is an attempt to make your factory area clean condition. Here are some of the benefits you can get if the cleanliness of the factory is maintained properly.

A More Comfortable And Healthier Work Environment

A clean work environment certainly makes workers feel comfortable in carrying out their duties and certainly supports the health of workers. Meanwhile, a dirty work environment will be a breeding ground for fungus, disease, and bacteria that can spread very quickly. By cleaning the factory area, you can immediately remove dirt, and work activities will not be disturbed.

Able to Increase Productivity

The cleanliness of the factory is well maintained, which is able to increase the productivity of the workers. Where dirt that carries disease can be immediately eradicated and workers will be protected from various diseases. Automatically they will be healthier and more enthusiastic in carrying out their work in the factory and this will increase their productivity.

Factory Areas Keep Neat And Clean

Factories are usually known for their messy conditions due to a large number of goods, but if you pay attention to cleanliness, the factory can be arranged neatly and cleanly.

Floors that are always cleaned can prevent slips that have the potential to cause workers to fall while crossing. Thus, a neat and clean factory can also prevent employees from work accidents.

Creating a Good Image for the Factory

Indirectly, a factory that is always kept clean will give a good image to the factory in question. For example, when a party is delivering or picking up goods at a factory, you can see how the conditions are at the factory.

  • Water Cooling Test
  • CT/Chiller/Boiler Performance Test
  • Any Cleaning ConsultationIf the conditions are neat and the floor is clean, then your factory will get a positive response and it will be far from problems related to factory quality.

How to Clean a Factory Floor

Factories have floors that are different from floors in houses. Where the factory floor is designed with more strength because this is where work activities are carried out every day. In fact, not only is it passed by many workers, but also the place where shelves, machines, raw materials, and other tools are placed. Therefore, factory floors must be made of materials that are guaranteed to be strong, such as concrete.

Therefore, to maintain cleanliness, here are several ways you can apply to clean the factory floor.

Pressure Washer

For factories whose production activities involve ingredients in the form of oil and grease, if something spills, cleaning it up is not easy even with water.

Therefore, you can use a pressure washer. Using a high-pressure washer that sprays high-pressure water at one point, is effective for professional industrial cleaning dirt that sticks to your factory floor which is made of concrete. You only need water as an inlet and then spray it tightly. This pressure washer also requires electricity and fuel.

A diesel pressure washer is usually used when there is no electrical contact in the area, while an electric pressure washer is more appropriate for cleaning the inside of a factory, where electrical contact is available and does not require large water pressure. You should choose a pressure washer that can produce hot water because this makes it very easy to remove the oil.

Early Cleanup

Apart from using a pressure washer, you can also use pre-cleaning. In this case, speed is most important. When you spill a substance, whether it’s oil, paint, or other materials, clean it up immediately and don’t leave it until it hardens.

If it has hardened, it will be more difficult to clean and if forced it can risk damaging the floor. You can use detergent mixed with a little water, then scrub with a brush. That way, stains can be easily and quickly removed.

Using Chemicals

You can also clean factory floors made of concrete using chemicals or chemicals. For example, citric acid that you pour in small amounts on the stained part of the floor. Then after pouring, you can leave it for a few minutes.

Then scrub and brush with wire to remove the remaining stains, then rinse with water. This method is effective for removing dirt on the floor. Other chemicals that you can use are bleach, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide to help you clean stubborn stains.

Microbial Cleaning

Microbial cleaning is accomplished by using living organisms or microbes to consume the oil. The enzymes released by the microbes will break down the oil contaminants to make them easier to digest.

Microbes will migrate into the pores of the concrete so they can digest the oil. Then it is converted into carbon dioxide and water. That way, this method is able to eliminate the adhesion to the floor coating.

Realizing how important it is to clean the factory area, especially the floor, aims to improve quality and provide safety for workers. Therefore, there are several ways you can do to clean factory floors made of concrete, one of which can use chemicals or chemicals.

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