Enhancing the Immunity

This immunity term means fighting against the germs.your immune system is  doing a remarkable job by defending you from the micro-organism.when you born and start feeding milk from mom breast that beautiful moment not only filing the baby stomach but also protecting the baby because the milk contain the colostrum which boost the baby immune system so that baby don’t get infect.there is also another way to boost up the immune system such as by adding Avvatar Isorich .

Strengthen our immune system

Sometimes our immune system fails to protect us. Germ invades successfully and makes you sick. The main reason behind getting sick and retardations of immune system are

  • Not eating good
  • Doing smoking
  • Less performing activities
  • getting  alcoholic
  • Become drugs addictive

These are some factors that affect you so by rectifying these things make you healthier.

Rolling down the age

Apparently age has become one of the factors of poor immunity.As we compared with  younger, mostly older people contract the infectious disease. Recently the covid 19 virus is one of the examples for immunity where we find that whose immune system is weak that person gets affected with corona and The no. of death people are mostly from older age.

Diet helps in boosting the immune

Diets play a major role in the immune system, whatever we eat affects our body in various good and bad ways which depend on our food. As fruits and green vegetables contain lots of nutritions which helps our body to make antibodies for defending from infectious disease. Avvatar Isorich also helps to fight with the germs and helps to protect your body by boosting immunity.

Exercise: Good or Bad 

Exercise is one of the pillars for increasing immunity. By doing exercise the cardiovascular improves, blood pressure gets down, helping in coping up with stress. Therefore the body functions starts working smoothly and reciprocally it affects the immune system which keeps you fit.

Stress causing degradation of immune system

In modern times, stress has become a common word for all ages. Stress not only affects mentally but physically also. For one thing, stress is difficult to define. What may appear stressful to that person might not be stressful for others. Even  scientists are not able to find the solutions to measure the burden of stress on persons. For children getting good marks,for adults to get a good job and achieve their dreams and for old people to spend their time with their childs and live a happy life these are some common factors of stress in this common world. And people start living a stressful life in their whole life which ultimately causes degradation of immunity. 

Is the sleep cycle effect on the Immune system?

In this busiest life, we run for success and compromise with our sleep. Not taking proper sleep leads to lots of serious health issues. Sleep is one of the most important things in our life. If you compromise in the present you will regret in future. At certain points you start getting sick and indirectly it will weaken your immune system.  

Being living healthier life should be your first priority in your life

When you choose to live a healthy life, that first step takes you towards a happy life.While making the plan to do the exercise usually people make mistakes they go to extreme levels and often end up with the exhausted. People don’t know the meaning of healthy, according to them being slim is called healthy. So when it comes to getting healthy they go on a diet and end up the day with keeping fast which causes other health issues. So people must know the accurate meaning of healthy. Where we prefer to add healthy foods as you can add protein in form of avvatar isorich avoiding irrelevant food in our diet. Healthy word not only refers to diet ,it means doing exercise  which keeps you not physically but mentally healthy also.


Doing exercise and keeping yourself fit for that one thing is mandatory “consistency”. When you set the goal at a certain point you start feeling exhausted and losing interest which mainly leads to distraction. As you know practice makes man perfect so keep yourself involved in the thing which you want to achieve.

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