DoctorHelper EHR vs NextGen: A Comprehensive Analysis 

Are you in for going through a detailed DoctorHelper EHR vs NextGen EHR comparison? If yes, then stick with us, for we have crafted a thorough comparison leaving no crumbs. We know time is a necessity, so let’s get straight to the point in this DoctorHelper vs NextGen EMR comparison, starting with their feature range.  

Listing Down The Distinctive Features  

DoctorHelper EHR Features 

The DoctorHelper is a solid healthcare platform filled to the brim with customizable functionalities. All these work to ensure a profitable clinical practice susceptible to less errors. Its feature range is set so as to tackle diverse patient care issues. The DoctorHelper EHR takes practices to new heights by simultaneously handling medical practices’ clinical and business side. Some of its intuitive features are as follows: 

  • Immunization Status 
  • Radiological Images 
  • Intuitive Dashboards 
  • Patient Kiosk 
  • Superbills 
  • Co-payments 
  • Patient Tracking 
  • ​​Finance Management General 
  • General Ledger 
  • Accounting Bank  
  • Cash Flow Forecast 
  • Order Management 
  • Warehouse Management 

NextGen EMR Features 

The NextGen software is an intuitive EMR loaded with unprecedented specs. The vendor lives up to its name by offering countless distinctive services nowhere to be found in the EMR industry, like Digital Pen, a tool that digitizes patient intakes. Some of the intuitive features and services NextGen software packs for you are: 

  • Managed Cloud Hosting 
  • Professional Services 
  • Consulting 
  • Training 
  • Mirth Connect Training 
  • Documentation Management 
  • Population Management 
  • Health Data Hub 
  • Regulatory Reporting 
  • Integration Engine 
  • Patient reported Outcomes 
  • Patient Acquisition and Loyalty 
  • Virtual Scribe  
  • Remote Scribe 

Exploring The Demonstration Tutorials 

DoctorHelper EHR Demo 

The demo of DoctorHelper is like a comprehensive tutorial taking practitioners through the quality specs of the EHR. The DoctorHelper EHR has crafted a well-structured demo so providers can assess what they are getting into. All its basic and advanced functionalities are covered in the demonstration tutorial. The DoctorHelper EHR demo takes physicians in confidence by showing them it cares and works for them. The customizable interface of DoctorHelper EHR is the center of the demo. Besides that, it focuses on the following feature-rich modules. 

  • Electronic Health Record 
  • Practice Management 
  • Clinical Decision Support 
  • Telehealth 
  • Medical Billing 
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Marketing 
  • Accounting 

NextGen Software Demo: 

The NextGen EMR offers value-based care services, which you can explore by scheduling its demo. The users who explored the demo of NextGen cite that it is informative, interesting and captivating. It revolves around how the vendor assists practitioners with all its might. NextGen’s few-minute demo tutorial outlines its salient aspects, such as how it uplifts the patient experience with its patient-centered services. While going through the NextGen demo, here are the following modules you will get to explore.  

  • Electronic Health Records 
  • Medical Billing Companies 
  • Provider Experience 
  • Telehealth 
  • Practice Management 
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Data Platforms 
  • Interoperability 

DoctorHelper EHR and NextGen Review Analysis 

DocterHelper® EHR Reviews  

Reviews of DoctorHelper are its scoring point for the EHR entails satisfactory user opinions. The users laud the functionalities offered by DoctorHelper and refer to it as a consolidated platform in the reviews. Some salient aspects commonly highlighted by the caregivers are: 

  • Patient-friendly: It is a patient-first solution that leaves no stone unturned in engaging patients. It has everything from online appointment scheduling to payment clearance and secured messaging.  
  • Cost-effective: As per the reviews, DoctorHelper is a light-budget EHR platform. It packs numerous intuitive services but charges a minuscule compared to other EHR platforms in town. This cost-effectiveness has won it an untarnished position in clients’ hearts.  
  • Compliance-driven: Staying compliant is no more a painstaking task. The users cite that this compliant-driven solution takes all the hard work off the plates of caregivers. They no longer have to worry about ensuring HIPAA or any other regulatory compliance.  
  • Patient Engagement: Care professionals believe that this leading solution works with patient satisfaction at its core. It makes efforts to minimize distractions during encounters featuring services like one-click notes, document management etc.  

NextGen EMR Healthcare Reviews 

This award-winning solution also enjoys an exclusive rating. Optimistic reviews surround the NextGen software as care providers are in love with its easily navigable and chic interface. As per the reviews, NextGen is a sophisticated yet versatile solution that beats other vendors at its game. Here are some worth-considering facts mentioned by the caregivers. 

  • Work-life Balance: NextGen reviews are mostly about how it nurtures an optimistic workflow ensuring work-life balance. Providers don’t feel stressed out as they don’t have to work overtime by relying on the vendor’s cloud-based services and mobile apps.  
  • Connected Health: This robust platform features connected healthcare services. User reviews suggest that NextGen packs best-in-class health data exchange services. The level of encryption assured by this interoperable solution is unmatched.  
  • Provider-Centric: Clinicians adore NextGen stating that it practices a provider-centric approach toward care. This EHR makes efforts to reduce physician burnout outperforming all other solutions. It automates entire encounters lessening clinical workload.  
  • Clinical Care: NextGen reviews depict that it offers exclusive clinical care. It harnesses the power of technological innovation to nurture personalized clinical experiences. It improves team collaboration, assures quality facetime and energizes clinicians.  

Comparing The Price Structures 

DoctorHelper EHR Pricing: 

The pricing structure of DoctorHelper is nowhere to be found on the web. The only way for you to learn about the pricing plans of DoctorHelper is by sending a custom quote. As we shared above, medical professionals refer to it as an affordable solution. You must request the pricing details of DoctorHelper EHR to know whether it’s really the case or is just an exaggeration.  

NextGen EHR Pricing: 

The NextGen EHR is not one of those solutions that openly share their pricing policy and range. But it doesn’t keep practitioners in the dark. For your information, NextGen offers two kinds of EHR modules which come at different pricing. However, the cost range of those modules is something you have to figure out yourself by contacting the vendor’s sales team. The pricing plans offered by NextGen are based on these modules: 

  • NextGen Office- for small practices 
  • NextGen Enterprise- for mid-sized to enterprises  

This to-the-point DoctorHelper vs NextGen EHR analytic guide will help you decide between the two. However, our experts are here for your guidance if you have any queries regarding this DoctorHelper EHR vs NextGen analysis.  

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