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Critical Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Digital Agency for Your Business

It is digital technology that has transformed the way to conduct marketing activities in this modern era. To cater to the marketing needs of businesses in the current scenario, there are a number of digital agencies that are providing various digital marketing-related services to them. These agencies are working all over the world and due to their digital presence, these agencies are able to serve their clients in every corner of the world. There are various services that may include attractive website development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), or Blog Writing.

Karachi is also one of the biggest cities in the world and also a business hub of Pakistan. There are various digital agencies in Karachi that are offering their services to different local business organizations and industries. While on the other side, there are some of Pakistan top software house in Karachi that are providing their services to international clients.

It is not easy to find a good digital marketing agency with a proven track record in conducting different digital marketing and branding activities. To make this decision easy, it is better to consider the factors discussed below before hiring a digital marketing agency.

Agency Expertise

You may choose the digital marketing agency according to the needs of your set business goals. We can have an example of a brand awareness campaign. If you want to boost your brand, you may go for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click). Please remember that SEO is an organic strategy while PPC is paid. For this purpose, there will be a need for digital marketing experts who have experience in running ads on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. if you want to appear at the top of Google searches, it is better to go for SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It is also a paid marketing strategy that helps you to appear in early searches.

If you are interested in website development or want to convert your old website design to a new attractive and eye-catching website design, you may look for a digital marketing agency that offers website development services as well. It is also important to know that graphical designs play a significant role to grab the attention of people.

Besides that, there are many other activities that can be performed for digital marketing. These activities may include email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, or content creation. Before hiring any digital marketing agency, make sure they have a team of industry experts in the areas discussed above. The absence of having the expertise you are looking for to accomplish your business goals will not let you rise.             

Strong Reputation and Positive Reviews

It is better to discuss and review more than one agency even three to four agencies before signing any contract. It is better to know the opinion of their clients about their services. The client’s opinion helps a lot to decide whether it is better to hire this digital marketing agency or not. With the client’s review, you may check whether their clients are satisfied with their services or not. Google my business listing reviews are also important to get some consumer insight about a business. If there are agencies that are not using Google my business listing for reviews which is an important part of a local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, it can make doubtful both their expertise and reputation as to why they are not using a simple SEO technique for themselves. It is because a strong reputation and positive reviews of any digital marketing agency are significantly important for the clients. Clients decide to hire any agency after reading positive reviews.


It is essential to evaluate the communication skill of the digital marketing agency before hiring or signing any contract with them. It is communication that helps you to meet your business needs. There are some channels that can help you to check the communication skills of your concerned digital marketing agency.

Website: You can check the design and material available on the website. Is it easy for you to find the required information on the website? Is there clear navigation to move to different sections of the website?

Blog: It is also important to analyze the quality of the content available on their blog. Is the new information added periodically or not? Whether the information available in the blog authentic or not? What is the profile of the writers?    

Social Media: You may check the posts published and shared on different social media platforms of the agency. You may check how they interact with the followers of their social media pages, how they tackle criticism if any issue arises, and how they design their posts.  

It is also important to read the reviews, especially about the communication of the company. You may have an idea about the communication abilities of the digital agency.

Case Studies

If you want to check the capabilities of any marketing agency and whether it can handle your project or not, read the case studies prepared by the agency. Case studies may help you to know how they have helped the clients with their campaigns in achieving their goals. There are various key performance indicators (KPIs)that can be tracked online and digital marketing agencies keep the track record to show their performance. You may ask them to provide you with some case studies about their previous campaigns before hiring any agency.     

In case, no case study is provided, you may ask them about the way they track the campaign record. If no track record for previous campaigns is provided, hiring that agency will not be a good decision.


As everybody needs a good deal so it is necessary to ask about the pricing of their various services. It is also important to know whether they have a fixed price for every service or whether their charges vary as per the requirements. Besides that, do they offer more than one service at less price if different services are purchased at the same time like a price bundle? 

If you are not certain about the quoted prices by the agency, it is better to ask for quotations from different agencies. It is also important to remember that your decision to hire any agency should not be based on pricing only. You should also consider the quality of work of the agency you are going to hire.

Relevant Experience

It is better to know what experience the agency and team have you are going to hire for your marketing campaign. Are they providing services to the same industry you are working in? if yes, how old they are in this business? If they have experience in your industry, there will be more chances for them to run your marketing campaign successfully.

How to Find the Agency

Digital marketing agencies are working all over the world. You may find them wherever you are living or operating your business. Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan as well as a financial and business hub. There are numerous agencies in Karachi that are offering their services to different local and international clients. There are some of seo expert in Pakistan that are offering their services to international clients as well. Renexus Resource Group is also working as a digital marketing agency in Karachi. Renexus has a strong portfolio of working with different local and international clients. We offer our services to run different digital marketing campaigns. Our services include website development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click), and Blog Writing. We also offer graphic designing and social media marketing services to our clients as well. For further information, you may contact us at We have a team of highly dedicated professionals who will be glad to assist you in your digital journey.      

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